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Thank you for visiting our website. Whether you are looking for support and assistance for yourself or someone you love, we applaud your efforts in taking this step. Ross Counseling Center, LLC helps teens and adults who are struggling with a variety of mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, trauma, etc. We believe that physical and emotional symptoms can shed light on a deeper truth that needs to be uncovered, and we work to help you peel back the layers to uncover this truth. This truth is that you are powerful beyond measure and you have great talents and strengths to share with this world. We want to help you reach your fullest potential.

One hard truth that we all must face is “Life is hard” and life happens to all of us. You don’t have to apologize for working through the events in your life that have caused you to be unbalanced. Wise elders encourage us that during times of hardship and sadness we should not walk the road alone. We look forward to walking this journey of healing with you. Healing does happen and we see it often in our practice.

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Anxiety and Depression for Teens and Adults

Anxiety and Depression are the most common types of mental health concerns facing teens and adults. Panic attacks, irrational fears. . .

Healing and Anxiety and Trauma

There is hope! Don’t let your life and identity be ruled by your symptoms! Many clients report feeling better after the first session. . .

Professional Counseling with a Christian Perspective

Counseling is a great way to increase your emotional and mental health while strengthening your faith. Learning evidenced-based coping skills. . .

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