Spiritual Direction

 Spiritual Direction is the process of meeting one-on-one or in a group setting with the purpose of exploring how the presence of God/Divine/Higher Power is moving in your life. Spirituality is an important part of being a human being and exploring this area with a trusted companion can be an enriching experience. One mentor of mine stated, “a ritual/spiritual experience is not complete until it has been processed with a trusted companion.”

Your spiritual journey is deeply personal and unique to how the Creator has made you and how you fit into the community of life that surrounds you. Exploring and embracing your spiritual journey, past and present, can be a helpful tool in personal growth.

Spiritual Direction

What is the difference between counseling and spiritual direction?

In counseling, there is a defined problem that results in a specific treatment plan to reduce the symptoms of the identified problem to help a person reduce the symptoms and get back to a better level of functioning. In Spiritual Direction, there is no identified problem and no treatment plan. The sessions revolve around your understanding of how God/Divine/Higher Power is moving in and through your life. The work can be deep inner work that allows for similar insights as in counseling but is not focused on the reduction of symptoms. Spiritual Direction allows you to wander through your life story at your own pace with the unique experience of learning how you are uniquely loved by the Creator.

Chris holds a MDiv from a Christian seminary and is a Certified Spiritual Director. Chris practices the tenets of the Christian faith and communes with the Divine in the understanding of Trinity. Chris also has experience in working with persons practicing 12 step programs and from other faith traditions.

Chris has a limited number of sessions for spiritual direction. He conducts retreats and workshops periodically throughout the year. Chris is available for speaking and leading retreats, please contact him for more information about this.   

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